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Our Fees

We offer a mix of flat-fee and hourly fee structures, depending on the type of work to be peformed. Our detailed fee structure is accessible below.

Most of our trademark prosecution work (e.g., clearance searches and initial applications) are done on a flat-fee basis. Hourly work is detailed below.


Initial Consultation

We require all clients to have an initial consultation with our attorney to ensure that our services match your needs. The purpose of the call is for us to learn more about your case, and to give you legal advice about our strategy for pursuing your case. We offer three initial consultation options: a 15-minute phone consult with attorney Brian, a 15-minute phone consult regarding USPTO Office Actions, and a 30-minute Zoom consult. The consult can be booked using these links:

Hourly & Flat Rates

We offer a mix of hourly and flat-rate services. Please schedule a consult with the firm to receive a quote for your case.

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