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This is our recommended package for all trademak applications ONLY WHEN a client has already had a professional clearance search conducted and specifically does not want our office to conduct a professional clearance search. 


As an entrepreneur, you need help protecting the perfect brand or image for your venture. But how do you know if your brand is protectable? And how do you secure a trademark? That’s where our Premium Trademark Package comes in.


The package includes a comprehensive service that makes it easier and more affordable to get your brand registered with all of the necessary documentation.


The package includes:

  • NO clearance search to assess the likelihood of your mark being accepted by the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) and risk rating for potential litigation;
  • NO opinion letter from the attorney as to likelihood your trademark application will mature to registration;
  • Attorney Brian Russ filing your trademark application with the USPTO; and
  • Responding to administrative USPTO Office Actions (e.g., disclaimer, specimen, etc.) (substantive refusal responses requiring legal argument not included).


The package does not include USPTO filing fees, which are assessed generally at $350 per class, and which the attorney will provide a separate invoice.

Budget Trademark Application Package

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