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Brian D. Russ, a licensed California attorney, will be your attorney of record on one of your pending USPTO trademark applications. This package includes:

  • Updating your application to show Brian as your attorney of record (this shows competitors that you are serious about your trademark application and ready to fight any attempts to oppose your application) [priceless value!]
  • Docketing your application in Brian’s docketing system and notifying you of any responses by the USPTO or third parties to your application, along with an explanation of what the response means. [$150 value!]
  • One strategy session with Brian if the USPTO issues an Office Action on your application [$150 value!]
  • 10% discount on responses to USPTO Office Actions on your application [up to $300 value!]


This package does not include any additional billable work such as responding to Office Actions or opposition proceedings, but this package does include a 10% discount on the attorney’s billable work on USPTO Office Action responses. This package does not include the attorney filing your trademark application, or permission for you to include the attorney on to-be-filed application.


Brian D. Russ, California attorney, will be listed as your attorney of record with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for one trademark application. Brian will serve as your attorney of record until you remove him from the record. Purchase multiples of this product for multiple applications. Brian’s services include docketing your upcoming actions and receiving notices from the USPTO regarding your application.

Trademark Attorney of Record Package ($500+ value)

$199.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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